second hand South S82 GPS - 2 Sold - only one
second hand South S82 GPS - 2 Sold - only one

second hand South S82 GPS - 2 Sold - only one

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The customer has rented a few times and the surface is somewhat worn! Basically new!

Detailed description
Multi-constellation reception, support BDS, GPS, GLONASS; multi-band reception, especially support Beidou tri-band B1, B2, B3.

Full constellation receiving technology

New network architecture, dual antenna design, better network signal

High-strength engineering performance, IP67, anti-3m drop

Multi-indicator panel for accurate display status and convenient mode switching

4G solid state flash memory + 32G SD card (pluggable), data dual card storage

Intelligent voice function

Southern transceiver integrated built-in radio, typical working distance 5km



GNSS performance

220 channels


B1, B2, B3


L1C/A, L1C, L2C, L2E, L5


Support L1C/A, L1P, L2C/A, L2P, L3


L1C/A, L5 (for SBAS satellites supporting L5)


Support GIOVE-A and GIOVE-B, E1, E5A, E5B

Full constellation reception technology capable of supporting GNSS constellation signals from all current and planned

Highly reliable carrier tracking technology, greatly improving carrier accuracy and providing users with high quality raw observation data

Intelligent dynamic sensitivity positioning technology adapts to various environmental transformations and adapts to more harsh and distant positioning environments

High-precision positioning processing engine

Intelligent solutions Intelligent fault diagnosis, intelligent voice technology

Positioning output frequency


Initial initialization time

Less than 10 seconds

Initialization reliability


Data Format

Differential format support

CMR, CMR+, RTCM2.1, RTCM2.2, RTCM2.3, RTCM3.0, RTCM3.1

Output format support

NMEA 0183, PJK plane coordinates, binary code

Network mode support

VRS, FKP, MAC, support NTRIP protocol

Precision index

Static plane accuracy


Static elevation accuracy


RTK plane accuracy


RTK elevation accuracy


Code differential positioning accuracy

0.25 to 0.45 m (CEP)

Stand-alone positioning accuracy

1.5m (CEP)

Data link communication

Built-in transmitting station

Southern transceiver integrated built-in radio, typical working distance 5km

UHF data link

Southern high-end radio module, using SMT assembly, high integration, stable increase of radio range

Network data link

GPRS (3G/CDMA optional) network communication module, internationally versatile, automatic login network, compatible with various CORS system access

External data link

Optional external GPRS/CDMA dual-mode communication module, free to switch, adapt to various working environments


Bluetooth II, standard 1.1

data storage

4G solid state flash + 32G SD card (expandable), data dual card backup

Plug and play high-speed USB, no need to install drivers, connect to the computer to transfer data

Electrical and physical properties


Single battery capacity 3400mAH, standard two



Host power consumption


Host size

190mm in diameter and 99mm in height


1.19kg (with battery)

Operation interface

Double button operation

Visual operation, convenient and fast

Indicator light

Twelve lights underwater

Environmental characteristics


1m soak, IP67


Completely prevent dust from entering, IP67


Hard and lightweight outer casing, resistant to 3 meters of natural fall

Operating temperature


storage temperature